Saturday, August 21, 2010

Say Cheese, Happy Birthday!

My family got together to celebrate my brother Adam's birthday. When I visit Adam I often spend most of my time with my camera taking pictures. My nephew Grady now associates me with cameras and when he sees me he will yell my name and hold his hands up to his face as if he is holding a camera. Well now he also says cheese when he says my name. He ran off and
grabbed this single use camera that had no film in it and was pretending to photograph me. He is a lot of fun to play with. Playing usually involves chasing him around the house and crashing toy cars. There were too many people over to spend much time playing with Grady and I also wanted to spend some time with my niece Isabella. Here is a picture of her with my Mom. She is very quiet right now which is nice the last time I saw her she was crying most of the time. The last picture is Adam with Grady.

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