Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Beauty and Power of Photography

“I am the cause, I am the stockpile of chemical toys,
my body is a deadly gadget,
I reach out in love, my hands are guns,
my good intentions are completely lethal.”
– Margaret Atwood (excerpted form “It is Dangerous to Read Newspapers”) 
This quote may be more relevant to my previous post that I keep on fussing with.
Now for the photography part:
Here are some interesting pics and a great video. It illustrates the loss of time for reflection or the need for reflection in choosing what we shoot or make.

Daguerreotype's within daguerreotype's early pomo?
Watch this video to see a contemporary use of the daguerreotype technique of photography from start to finish. My apologies to iPhone users this is a flash video.

Making of Daguerreotype by Takashi Arai from Takashi Arai on Vimeo.


  1. not daguerreotypes, but still interesting:

  2. I'm fairly sure the first one is. It's hard to tell from the pictures available online.