Sunday, August 8, 2010

Falling apart at the seems.

Well I have a blank pillow case and embroidery thread. What to do?
 I made a porcelain soda fired vase that someone embroidered for me and I decided to make an alteration to it. I felt it needed a clearly defined separation between the thread and clay. I essentially started framing the space with a darker thread. You may have noticed that frames play an important
role in most of my maiolica. Now I have decided to try and embroider imagery similar to the imagery I use on some of my ceramics. Hopefully it works out but I'm not too concerned. The pillow case was poorly made and seems to be falling apart at the seem in one section. So here is an early pic as I have just recently started it. This could be an interesting chance to reinterpret a ceramic tile with textiles.

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