Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lana Fillipone at Distill

Distill Invitational Exhibition

 I had a chance to visit the distillery district in Toronto on the weekend. I was visiting a friend who has work up at Distill gallery. Lana Filippone and I studied ceramics at Sheridan and we graduated together this past spring. She has a page up on the Ontario Craft Council portfolio site. And here is her website

 Here is a quote from Lana's artist statement “I use symbols of historic and archetypal value superimposed with contemporary artifact with cultural familiarity, a
ll of which I see as disparate reminders of the clumsy grace of transitory Human experience.” her statement is a clear description of her work. It's fun work that everyone should have in their home. I always enjoy how her imagery can both compliment and subvert the graceful elegance of her forms. I would also like to mention that Lana will be begin her residency at the Harbourfront craft studio in September so if you don't make it this month to Distill you can see her there. Other makers at Distill in the lower gallery include Annie Tung, Jenanne Longman, Shuyu Lu, Melanie Siegel, Sarah Jane Reynolds, Dawn Petticrew and Lee Horus Clark.


  1. Love it ! I was a bit jolted by the appearance of the fine porcelain-like cups and the rustic bulky handles but I realize that it's part of the effect you want.