Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rediscover me

The wonderful things that can be found upon a second look are often amazing. We should all embrace these opportunities in life to take and give second chances. The associations of the first instance inform and enrich the rediscovery. Reviewing the stories of our past can lead to the beginning of a new journey. Reclaiming what was lost or replacing old experiences with a fresh reinterpretation. These plates have some of each of those concepts in them. Taking dated styles and designs and updating them with humour can be worthwhile. Though you may argue the results are questionable. Have these plates for example just become more clutter in our excessive production of pop culture ephemera. It's a
question I often think about when I make something and hope what I make is something meaningful in some small way.

You can find her etsy shop here at this link

The image above is from Knack Studios I found these websites from the a plate a day blog

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