Monday, August 2, 2010

Before we had clay.

I went out for a walk Sunday afternoon to take some photographs and not think about tiles. It has been
a month since I have been out to photograph. I enjoy the time I spend wandering and looking for photographs. I was walking by a creek and thought its bed looked interesting. I decided to take a closer and shoot some pictures. After I saw the preview images of some of them I thought of Tony Clennell's recent blog posts about making tiles and using nature as inspiration. These pictures show the Queenston shale that can be found in Oakville. This clay is still in its rock form and needs to be pulverized to be used or you can wait for mother nature to do the job. The surrounding land shows the shale after a long period of erosion. Here is a link to a pdf from the Bruce Trail Association about the Cheltenham Badlands and Queenston shale.
Does anyone else see the fish head?

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