Saturday, April 24, 2010

Is this how it ends?

I spent a day and evening in the studio Thursday afternoon to Friday morning painting work for my what was supposed to be my last maiolica firing at Sheridan. But later in the day when I came back after sleeping I found a small bowl that I overlooked and didn't finish painting. I plan to finish painting it and firing later today. Friday was the last day of classes and I have to move and decide what to do next. Monday afternoon I have an interview at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto for one of the residency positions in the ceramics studio. And I'm hoping the work I made this week will be good enough to bring to my interview. Today I have to prepare work for a Soda kiln and photograph some work to include in my slide presentation for the interview.

I have included some wood fired tea caddy's being used a s bud vases. I often grab wild flowers and place them in small pieces to change the scenery of my work space. 

This was my studio space this year at school and this photo shows the aftermath of my marathon painting session. I will miss this space and the classmates I worked with this year.