Tuesday, July 20, 2010

To Borkum on our way to Delft?

I had a chance to visit my Oma today. I haven't had as many opportunities to visit my Oma as much as I would like over the past few years. It's always fun to look at pictures and objects she has collected and to hear the stories that surround them. After my Oma and Opa were married they moved from Heidelberg to Borkum shortly before moving to Canada. For fun I have included driving directions to Delft in the Netherlands. If you for want to check out any of their
ceramics. I've heard some people have liked it. So this set would have been purchased in the mid fifties. I wonder if they are still being sold now in any gift shops. I think they are fun, well  they are maiolica how can you not like them. It's a slightly translucent glaze on a coarse red body. I like the brush work and simple bird motif. The forms are thin and very delicate. I would probably prefer to serve coffee in the cups though.What do you think?
cup with saucer
saucer on its side
I also found this little object in the dining room...
and this vase in the living room. I've never seen a maiolica vase like this before. Though there are many types of ceramics that I am unfamiliar with. I've seen this vase since childhood but today is the first day that I realized it was maoilica glaze on a buff earthenware clay. I first thought it was copper brushwork on a white slip under a clear glaze. But when I picked it up I realized the glaze was opacified and the copper was painted in the glaze. Something about it bothers me though.


  1. I've always loved the shape of the Borkum pieces, and the quiet glaze work. The seagulls always comforted me, simple and elegant. They would have been purchased in the summer of 1954.