Saturday, July 3, 2010

More Video and pics from February

Here is another installment form the February wood firing. I would like to post one of Jenny's speeches and some pics of Kass, Jenny and the pots we fired. I'm not sure how but I lost the high res images from the kiln unload.

Kass is passing a brick to Jenny that was used to build the door of the kiln. This is one of the most exciting times for a potter. You open the kiln brick by brick slowly exposing the contents. It can be nerve racking or exalting. The wood firing process can take weeks of preparation. From making and bisqueing the work to chopping the wood and preparing the kiln shelves. You slowly discover how your glazes reacted to the woodfiring and it's unpredictable atmosphere.

Unloading a Tony Clennell pot from the kiln and his post about this pot( Jenny being silly in the video below and acting professionally in this video. More pics and video to follow. And I will post the updates soon.

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