Sunday, July 25, 2010

Questionable Ceramics Content

I probably shouldn't be posting this video here. But I am going to anyway, in the meantime here is a short side story.
 I have mentioned several times that I am a graduate from Sheridan's Ceramics program. During the summer before our second year we were given the task of finding our own clay from a natural source. Excluding "natural" sources like PSH or Tuckers. I was living in East York a neighborhood in Toronto. My apartment was near the old Don Valley brick works so I was sure my task was going to be simple. And it was there was clay every where it was easy to find along the many Dona Valley trails. Here is a little video that isn't really related to clay or ceramics. I just felt like I had to post it for others to see.


  1. I was just in PEI with Heather, who has to do the found clay project this summer. We had a hilarious misadventure trying to find it, and ended up knee deep in mussel-filled swamp-muck. BUT we finally struck gold and picked up some incredibly plastic red clay.

  2. That sounds like fun. You haven't shown any pottery pics from your last trip.