Sunday, November 28, 2010

You're more unstable than I could have possibly imagined.

Will I find a solution to this problem? It has been a big distraction for me this year. Or I have been to distracted to deal with this problem. I have been thinking about religion, spirituality, my place in our universe and how it relates to my work. I have been questioning my understanding of the world around me for the past few years. The main problem was the relevance of spirituality without a soul. A resolution to this problem has been elusive. The existence or presence of a soul has always been a troubling concept that I have ignored in the past. Though it seems to me that a spiritual world may not be relevant...
 Here is a link to a recent post queerer than we can suppose. I have referred to spirituality in some of my posts and I have been considering how to and if I should include it in my work. My biggest concern is that we live in a country that is generally intolerant to different ideas. Religion is an area were this intolerance is the greatest. And to be honest I do not want to participate in this. Now is that a part of my consciousness declaring that spirituality is no longer relevant to me. Maybe I thought I needed it at some point in my life. I was going to introduce this topic of doubting spirituality in a post I have been writing about a mandala from the Kamakura period in Japan but then I saw this article and thought this was a better introduction to this topic. This link is an article about possible big bangs before the big bang.

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