Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Magnificent Murals: 18th century Painted Tiles from Portugal

Here is the content of an email I received from the Gardiner museum asking to answer a survey about their future exhibition schedule. I have provided the link if you want to participate. I'm hoping to see the Magnificent Murals exhibit it is the 9th option in the survey. I have included the description of the exhibit at the end of this post.

Your opinion matters!

Please take 3-5 minutes to follow the link and complete a brief survey designed to help shape the Gardiner Museum’s long term exhibition schedule.

We are very interested to know which of the suggested exhibitions you are interested in seeing, the depth of your interest, and if you had to choose, which of the exhibitions you  would be most likely to visit.

If you have the time, please do complete the survey as your opinion will be used to help us choose the exhibitions we present in the future.

Thank you very much for your membership support of the Gardiner Museum, and for your consideration of this request for assistance.

Alexandra Montgomery

Executive Director

[Click Here to Start the Survey!] 

9. Magnificent Murals: 18th century Painted Tiles from Portugal
Featuring major works of art that have never been seen in Canada before, this exhibition shows how painted ceramic tiles were used to decorate the walls of churches, palaces, houses and gardens in 18th-century Portugal, and illustrates the relationship of those murals to paintings, prints and other art forms from the period.

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