Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I see you in a new light

It finally happened. I was waiting for this since last spring. I have a jade plant that I have been attempting to get a clipping from that would root. It looks like one will actually work. It was a difficult process for some reason. I tried one a few years ago that worked with little to no effort. It was planted in a broken shot glass that was made by my former instructor Bruce Cochrane.
 I attempted to make a light box to shoot some work in last night. Here are my first shots from it. It was made from a card board box, parchment paper to diffuse the light and a sheet of paper from a sketch pad. I just  used a couple of household lamps as my light source. Here are a few links to a couple of variations if you want to try to make one yourself to shoot your work. Next I will try to make a larger one for my other work. This box is too small for most of the work I want to shoot right now.

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