Sunday, October 24, 2010

Back in the day

Ex's, creative photography (or any art form) and the web can be tricky. And I'm not sure how to deal with it. If you have paintings or drawings do you destroy or keep them. It's not like a snapshot of the
two of you that you can casually throw out or delete.
I have always felt awkward about this subject and I think most people do. The problem is that a lot of my work is often autobiographical. I have created a new set on flickr of some old photographs that I took with a pinhole camera made from a Christmas cookie tin. I posted one of them the other day and I have a few more to go. There is one with an ex that I haven't seen or talked for 12 years. This was taken before the web was popular and I obviously didn't have a flickr account or a blog were I often post my work. I think it is small and blurry enough to keep her anonymity. Though when I took them she knew there was a possibility of them being exhibited. 


  1. I think if you're out in the public it's no big deal, but if you try and make money from the image she might have a problem.

    I had the one pin hole picture on my wall, it's packed away at the moment, but I always thought it was kind of gothic and you half expect sometime weird to crawl out of the wall hole.

  2. I still have to scan the other one.
    As I was writing the post I remembered that she knew that it may have been exhibited. And I also remembered we were not dating at the time of the photograph. I think that changes things on a personal level.

  3. I LOVE them. I want one! Did she take them or did you? I'm confused?

  4. She is in one of the pics on the flickr account. I had one that is a composite that my most recent ex may have destroyed. I am hoping to find it and post it.
    Did you do this at Beal?