Sunday, March 27, 2011

This is your last chance.

Warren MacKenzie on Ebay
Here are some beautiful pieces of ceramics being sold for a great cause. The recent events in Japan have been tragic. Potter Ayumi Horie has responded by helping to organize an auction of pottery on Ebay. Ebay link here I was surprised to see a Hamada Shoji vase amongst the items. I think I have mentioned him before in one of my posts and I have an unfinished post about him and teabowls. Shoji vase link here The auction closes in 5 hours so if you have a moment you should check it out. Here is a New York Times article about the auction link. I just wanted to post these images of pieces that I liked from the auction.
Shoji Hamada on Ebay

Ron Meyers on Ebay

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