Friday, March 25, 2011

I never had confidence in you

First of all before I start this post I would like to say that this winter has to end. It's officially spring and it's time the snow went away. It was shocking to see the snow on the ground this week, in the eerie blue light of the morning. So this blog post may be a poor attempt at humour. It is what it is. Well, it was eerie with the snow on the ground.
 Okay now to get to the point of this post. Not only did I not have confidence in you to be honest I really never even liked you. Now that may not be surprising to those that know me and I'm fairly certain that you don't care. I just feel like I need to get this off my chest. Id like to express how I feel about you, I mean how I really, really feel about you... Stephen Harper go fuck yourself! The Government of Canada fell today with a non confidence motion. It was the first that a parliament has ever found the sitting government to be in contempt of parliament. The 'Harper Government' has been lying to parliament about the cost of some of their programs as well as facing several corruption issues. One of the bills they had before that where they were under reporting the actual cost of was their "get tough on crime agenda". Ironically several members of the party are facing jail time for breaking the election laws in the 2008 general election. Here are some Rick Mercer satirical videos about Canadian politics. Let the gong show begin.

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