Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm going on strike till winter gives in to my demands!

I had a successful kiln firing by my standards today. Which was nice considering how miserable I have been all week. I can't sleep, eat, think, read, write or draw. I have to post the pics soon. It was a good firing because the glaze melted fairly consistently and there was little snow in the decoration. (I will explain this in a latter blog that I shall write about maiolica glaze flaws which should be exciting and I'll have tonnes of pics for that one.). I had originally planned on throwing some large composite forms for the upcoming wood firing.  Then decided to take it easy and throw small vases and pitchers.(Jugs! sorry Tony Jugs!)


  1. I hope you are feeling better Sean, maybe you need a trip home and some of Mom's cooking. It's only a few weeks until we spring forward and then there will be more sunlight, I love the long summer evenings.

  2. Yes and I need to give you a cup of soup mug.